Icord Mug Rug Tutorial

Cozy Icord Mug Rugs

These easy icord mug rugs are the perfect way to add a shot of fiber to your morning caffeine ritual, because everyone needs a little yarn with their coffee. Worked up in a simple four-stitch icord, these mug rugs take little yarn and they’re simple to make. A wool roving core gives them insulation and stability. Each mug rug measures 3.75 inches in diameter and will fit a standard size coffee (or tea) mug. Follow the icord mug rug tutorial below.


You Will Need

Materials Icord Mug Rug Tutotrial

Approx. 10 yards of sport weight yarn (pictured above with Blue Sky Alpaca Sport and Sanguin Gryphon Bugga!)
Two US size 5 double pointed needles (DPNs)
Wool Roving
Darning needle


Icord (see my tutorial here)


1. Draft the roving core. I used pin-drafted roving, which comes in small strips. If you begin with thicker roving, split it lengthwise into strips. Starting with the end of the roving length, and working in small sections, grasp the fiber in either hand as pictured below, and gently pull to draw out the fibers.

Step one icord mug rug tutorial

Repeat until your roving looks like the example below.

Step 1a Icord Mug Rug tutorial


2.Cast four stitches onto one double pointed needle, leaving an 18 inch tail, and work a couple of rows.

3. insert one end of the drafted roving into the icord tube. I used one of my DPNs to help push the roving into place.

4. Continue knitting icord, making sure to bring your working yarn behind the stitches on the needle and behind the roving. This will enclose the fiber in yarn. Repeat until your icord measures 40 inches in length and bind off, trimming any excess roving.

icord wrapped roving mug rug
5. Thread the darning needle with the yarn tail and begin coiling your icord, bending the end inward and sewing it in place

Step 5 Icord Mug Rug Tutorial
6. Continue coiling and sew through every third stitch of the outer ring to the inner ring. When you reach the end of the cord, tuck in the tip and sew it in place.

Step 6 Icord Mug Rug TutorialStep 6a Icord Mug Rug Tutorial
7. Weave in, trim yarn ends, and reward yourself with a coffee. Your mug will love its cozy new rug.

icord mug rug tutorial



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